Rational Alchemy Bret Batterman, Sound Engineer

Nigel Aves talks with one of the finest sound engineers in the state of Colorado, Bret Batterman, who has produced recordings from Broadway to LA.

Produced and Edited by T.G. Lewis of Captn's Lounge Studio for the CiT NETWORK.

BIO: Bret Batterman is a highly skilled and experienced sound engineer based in Colorado. He has earned a reputation as one of the finest sound engineers in the state, known for his attention to detail, technical expertise, and creative approach to his work.

Batterman's career in music began as a guitarist and songwriter in the 1990s. As he became more involved in the music industry, he discovered a passion for sound engineering and began honing his skills in recording studios across the country. He quickly gained a reputation for his ability to capture the nuances of a wide range of musical genres, from rock and jazz to classical and world music.

Over the years, Batterman has worked with a diverse array of artists and musicians, producing recordings for everyone from local Colorado bands to internationally renowned performers. His work has taken him all over the country, from Broadway in New York City to the recording studios of Los Angeles.

Batterman is known for his ability to create a warm, natural sound that captures the essence of the music being recorded. He is skilled in the use of both analog and digital recording technologies, and he is adept at working with musicians to help them achieve the sound they are looking for.

In addition to his work as a sound engineer, Batterman is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. He has released several albums of his own music and has collaborated with many other artists on a variety of projects.

Today, Batterman continues to be a highly sought-after sound engineer, known for his professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to quality. His work has earned him a loyal following of clients and collaborators, and he remains a key figure in the vibrant Colorado music scene.




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