Rational Alchemy: Guest Jamie Folsom

We discuss the original Rational Alchemy as transmitted on KRFC 88.9 Fort Collins (and of course streamed on the Internet). This video covers the creation of the original Rational Alchemy, why we decided to do it, and the importance of counteracting the massive amount of "Woo-Woo" that we would hear. 

Both Jamie and myself would like to thank Brian Walsh for the dedication and effort he put into those original radio shows on KRFC 88.9.

Many thanks to the original Rational Alchemy crew. Brian Walsh, Jamie Folsom and Jeff Wagg. Also thanks to Ben  Prytherch for the wonderful theme song and allowing it's use for Rational Alchemy shows, and to KRFC 88.9 Fort Collins for allowing us to play "On-Air" with our show. And a last shout out to "Avogadro's Number" for lubricating us so well before the shows!


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