Rational Alchemy: The Revolution Continues Part 2


Part Two of Two Parts.

Colorado Progressives for Change Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CO4Progress/

Bernie’s Our Revolution: https://ourrevolution.com/

Brand New Congress for 2018: https://brandnewcongress.org/home

Panelists: Jeri Shepherd, Jason Sherry, Lynette McClain and Duane Leise

Hosted by Nigel Aves

Produced at the Captn's Lounge Studio, located in Longmont, Colorado, USA


Four Bernie Sanders political activists and national DNC delegates from Colorado join Nigel Aves and Rational Alchemy in a Political Alchemy - The Revolution Continues. The discussion focuses on what Bernie and his movement is all about, but more importantly where it is headed. The panelists tell of their experiences at the DNC in Philadelphia in an unvarnished just-the-way-it-was fashion. Nigel gives a distinctly British perspective, view and questioning of the American political process that puts the Bernie Revolution into sharp contrast and gives a thoughtful framing of the Political Revolution.