Rational Alchemy: Laci Hageman shoot and interview

Rational Alchemy. Hosted by Nigel Aves with Guest Laci Hageman.

One thing is certain about Laci, when she was born every gene in her body was flooded by performance art.

Laci has accomplished: video/live modeling, dancer in night clubs, she's a fire spinner, a hula hoop dancer and a model. But circus acts are her main driving force, and soon she is going to be learning trapeze and aerial acrobatics while hanging from fabric.

Laci also talks about the 8 years where she sadly was forced into a hiatus.

Putting this together was a challenge, as we started off doing a photo-shoot right in the lounge, then progressed to our round table talk.

Hope you enjoy this very different Rational Alchemy.

Find Laci on Instagram: @Lj_spins
Find Nigel on Instagram: @nigelaves