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Captn's Lounge is a grassroots organization located in scenic Colorado, just north of Denver. A full description of the Studio is under the Main Menu - About Us

For all shows that have been recorded at the Captn's Lounge Studio  they are listed under the Captn's Lounge - Shows menu on the left. (No, the other left!).


Brief Description of shows.

CiT Network - Curmudgeon in Training  - All new shows are being posted on Youtube under this banner.

If you would prefer, you can watch directly on YouTube.  CiT Network  or Rational Alchemy

Actors Take - Group of Actors hosted by Nigel Aves discussing topics about being in front of the lights.

What a Directors Needs - Group of Directors hosted by Greg Winkler covering topics from behind the lights.

Rational Alchemy - Hosted by Nigel Aves. A series of videos covering topics from modeling, photograph, statistics all the way to religion and everything in between.

Theatre on Mondays - Hosted by Greg Winkler. A series of videos showing actors / directors talking to a live audience.

Mis-cel-la-ne-ous - Lots of different videos covering performance art.

Futurartist Records  - Hosted by Michael Hartsock.  Discussing all things related to music .....


Stay Up To Date on our YouTube Channel.

I have to admit that sometimes the web site takes a couple of days for me to update! I know, I know, "Nigel Get Busy!"

BUT, If you would like to stay totally current then subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see the new shows as soon as they are published. So watch them there or watch then here it all your choice, but we do thank you for watching our work. We put a lot of effort into creating the visual and audio of our interviews.

Please subscribe to CiT Network on YouTube.


Enough Already!

Take me to the CIT network on this web-site  CiT Network - Curmudgeon in Training


Take me to the CIT network on YouTube  CiT Network - Curmudgeon in Training

If you are watching on YouTube please subscribe, otherwise follow this link to subscribe to CiT Network on YouTube.

Please note.

Do YOU have something that you would like to discuss / talk about / argue over ...?  If you do, please do not hesitate to contact the Captns Lounge Studios, Longmont, Colorado. 

Look in contacts and write to Nigel or T.G - Contact Us From This Link!

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