Captn's Lounge Studios...Like nowhere else on dry land.

Captn's Lounge is a grassroots organization located in scenic Colorado, just north of Denver. A full description of the Studio is under the Main Menu - About Us

For all shows that have been recorded at the Captn's Lounge Studio  they are listed under the Captn's Lounge - Shows menu on the left. (No, the other left!).

For more shows from the very smokey side of the studios please visit Greenings From Colorado where you will find information on all things pot related. "Hey, Maurae, pass the joint ..."

Brief Description of shows.

Actors Take - Group of Actors hosted by Nigel Aves discussing topics about being in front of the lights.

What a Directors Needs - Group of Directors hosted by Greg Winkler covering topics from behind the lights.

Rational Alchemy - Hosted by Nigel Aves. A series of videos covering topics from politics to religion and everything in between.

Theatre on Mondays - Hosted by Greg Winkler. A series of videos showing actors / directors talking to a live audience.

Mis-cel-la-ne-ous - Lots of different videos covering performance art.

Futurartist Records  - Hosted by Michael Hartsock.  Discussing all things related to music .....

Greenings From Colorado << link to their own web-site>  - Hosted by Maurae this is a series of discussions to help visitors to Colorado get the most from their stay. Drug related.


Please note.

Do YOU have something that you would like to discuss / talk about / argue over ...?  If you do, please do not hesitate to contact the Captns Lounge Studios, Longmont, Colorado. 


Latest Production from Captn's Lounge Studios


Rational Alchemy Candidate Series No 5: Phil Kelley for Senate District 13

Phil Kelley tells us why he's the right person for Colorado's Senate District 13 and how he'll improve healthcare in Colorado.





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