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The studio is very active in production, releasing shows like "Actors Take", "What a Director Needs", "Rational Alchemy" ....

Hosted by Nigel Aves. This round-table will deal with actors talking and discussing the perils and merits of working in a community theatre organization.  Primarily aimed to address actors challenges, but the Actor’s Take is also of interest to anyone involved behind the scenes that  produce a theatrical show.

It will also be of interest to directors , and of course, they will think only “kind” thoughts.

A Thirties Affair
A Comedy by Carl L. Williams.

Windsor Community Playhouse

Know-it-all Pauline tries to match up her divorced friend Carla with Jason, a friend of her husband, and happily discovers they both love old movies from the 1930s. But Jason and Carla, burned by previous relationships, resist Pauline's efforts to kindle a romance. Resentful at being thrown together, they put on a big show of actively disliking each other. Their dramatic argument succeeds in chastening Pauline while confirming the objections of her husband, Henry, who had been against the whole idea. Secretly, however, Jason and Carla begin dating. Then Carla's ex-husband, Daniel, a bit of a stuffed shirt, returns from an around-the-world journey of self-discovery and complicates everything by wanting to reconcile. At first, Carla staunchly resists him, but she finds herself drawn back by old feelings and ends up defending Daniel from Jason's verbal barbs. As Carla wavers in her affections, Jason retaliates by taking up with Cindy, a ditzy young actress who appeared in one of the silly commercials he wrote. Jealousy and mutual accusations drive Jason and Carla further apart as the two movie lovers struggle to find a way to their own happy ending.

Discussing the show, Natalie Wilson (Co-Director), Don Reidy (Jason Drake) and Kevin Nolan ( Daniel Shepherd)

Hosted by Nigel Aves

Captn's Lounge Studio - May 2019

Colorado Opening Night presents Moon Theatre Company's "You Can't Take it With You".   By Moss Heart and George S. Kaufman.

Directed by: M. Shane Grant

The delightful screwball comedy that welcomes you into a 1930's extended New York families antics, with a heartfelt look at what matters most. 

AND what you can indeed "Take With You" .... 

 April 12th, 13th, 119th 20th @ 7:30 PM

April 14th @4:00 PM          Order tickets:  Get Your Tickets Here.       

Phone Number- 303-994-8346

Facebook/Moon Theatre Company


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