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Carolyn Bninski

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Carolyn Bninski
Carolyn Bninski from the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center discusses the media and it's role in keeping world peace.

The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (RMPJC) is a non-profit organization based in Boulder, Colorado. It was founded in 1983 with a mission to promote peace, justice, and sustainability in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. The center advocates for social and environmental justice, non-violence, and community engagement.

Key features and activities of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center:

  • Peace Advocacy: RMPJC works to advocate for peace and non-violence both locally and globally. It promotes peaceful conflict resolution and opposes militarism and war.
  • Social Justice: The center is actively involved in addressing social justice issues, including racial equity, economic justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and immigrant rights.
  • Environmental Sustainability: RMPJC is committed to environmental sustainability and advocates for policies and practices that protect the environment and combat climate change.
  • Education and Outreach: The organization engages in educational programs, workshops, and public events to raise awareness about peace, justice, and sustainability issues in the community.
  • Grassroots Activism: RMPJC is involved in grassroots activism and collaborates with other organizations and community groups to work towards common goals.
  • Community Building: The center fosters a sense of community by encouraging dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration among various individuals and organizations.
  • Non-Violent Direct Action: RMPJC supports and engages in non-violent direct action to address social and environmental issues, often through peaceful protests and demonstrations.

Over the years, the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center has been a prominent voice in the Boulder community and the Rocky Mountain region, advocating for positive change and working towards creating a more just, peaceful, and sustainable society. Its work reflects a commitment to the values of social equity, environmental responsibility, and active civic engagement.

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