All videos have been uploaded to YouTube in High Resolution (1080), so will work perfectly if you go to the full screen option when viewing.

The studio is very active in production, releasing shows like "Actors Take", "What a Director Needs", "Rational Alchemy", "Curmudgeon in Training" ....

You will also find video's that have been shot away from the studios.


Hosted by Nigel Aves, these videos will cover unlimited topics from fishing to health and topics that solicits skeptical inquiry and responses. Rational Alchemy was conceived as a talk show on KRFC 88.9 Fort Collins. The program was live from the KRFC studios and streamed from their web site. Topics included religion, acupuncture, homeopathic, inoculations   (Wakefield studies), various “machines” for health benefits, UFOs, aliens,  and moon landings. The new Rational Alchemy / CiT Network will explore these topics and other diverse themes of community interest.

Jon Leise, author, thinker, philosopher, asks this critical question at a time when misinformation, disinformation, and outright lying pass for political discourse in 21st century America.


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If the status quo is not working for you, I am the change that our community needs to maintain our quality of life in Weld County, Colorado.

I see the rise of conservative populism all over the world, and I feel a responsibility to rise up and speak out against it. The pendulum has to swing back to a balance. Many people have been blinded by rhetoric to vote against their own interests. It is time for facts and empathy to work their way back into politics and policy making!

Si el status quo no está funcionando para usted, soy el cambio que nuestra comunidad necesita para el futuro para mantener nuestra calidad de vida en el condado de Weld, Colorado.

Veo el surgimiento del populismo conservador en todo el mundo y siento la responsabilidad de levantarme contra él. El péndulo tiene que volver a balancearse. La retórica ha cegado a la gente para votar en contra de sus propios intereses. ¡Es hora de que los hechos y la empatía vuelvan a la política!

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CIT's Curt Kelley gives us solid info on how to connect with people on the other side of the aisle, and help them connect the dots of what's wrong with our political classes.

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