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Maeve Conran
MAEVE CONRAN, News Director, KGNU Community Radio, reminds us how important an independent local radio station is for society. Part of the Media and Democracy forum at CU Boulder, April 23rd., 2019.

KGNU Community Radio is a non-commercial, listener-supported radio station based in Boulder, Colorado, and serving the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area. It is one of the oldest community radio stations in the United States, having been founded in 1978. KGNU is operated by the Boulder Community Broadcast Association, a non-profit organization.

Key features and characteristics of KGNU Community Radio:

  • Non-Commercial: KGNU is a non-commercial radio station, which means it does not air traditional commercial advertisements. Instead, it relies on financial support from its listeners, local businesses, and community organizations to fund its operations.
  • Volunteer-Driven: The station is largely operated by volunteers who contribute their time and skills to manage various aspects of the station, including programming, production, and administration. This volunteer-driven approach allows the station to maintain its community-focused and non-commercial nature.
  • Diverse Programming: KGNU offers a wide range of programming that reflects the diverse interests and perspectives of the local community. Its content includes music shows covering various genres (such as jazz, rock, folk, world music, and more), as well as news, public affairs, cultural, and educational programs.
  • Community Engagement: KGNU actively engages with its listeners and the local community, providing a platform for discussion, civic dialogue, and the exchange of ideas. The station often hosts events and public forums on important community issues.
  • Social and Political Advocacy: As a community radio station, KGNU has a tradition of supporting social justice causes and advocating for positive change in the community. It covers topics related to social, environmental, and political issues that are relevant to its listeners.
  • Online Streaming and Podcasting: In addition to its traditional radio broadcasts, KGNU offers live streaming of its programs on its website, allowing listeners from all over the world to tune in. The station also archives many of its shows as podcasts for on-demand listening.
  • Collaboration with Local Organizations: KGNU frequently collaborates with local non-profits, arts organizations, and community groups, promoting their events and providing a platform for them to share their work and initiatives with a broader audience.

KGNU Community Radio is an important part of the media landscape in the Denver-Boulder area, providing an independent and community-driven voice that fosters civic engagement, cultural appreciation, and a sense of local identity.
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