All videos have been uploaded to YouTube in High Resolution, so should work perfectly if you go to the full screen option when viewing.


TG. Lewis is a Professional Videographer, you name it, he has probably filmed it. With the Captn's Lounge Studio, and his full set of tools for post production work in his basement, he produces the the highest quality video that is possible. It should be noted that videos in the "Miscellaneous" bucket are filmed as live events. Those filmed in a theatre are especially hard to film, not from a picture quality standpoint, but from an audio standpoint. 

Zozobra aka Old Man Gloom

Santa Fe - Zozobra



The Mythology of Zozobra

Zozobra is the enemy of all that is good, and Santa Fe knows only too well the spell of darkness and despair that Zozobra casts annually over the City.

This doomful specter is a monster who is created and is reborn annually because of our own nefarious and woeful deeds throughout the year. In order to lure Zozobra out of hiding, the city leaders invite him to Santa Fe's largest celebration, the annual Fiestas de Santa Fe. (celebrating its 305th year in 2017) With his enormous ego urging him on, Zozobra accepts this invitation, recognizing it as his best opportunity to invade the heart of town, destroy all hope and happiness, and rob the city of its most precious possession, its hope.

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Rex and Bob's Excellent Misadventure

An original Musical written by Bill Lewis; a hilarious mashup of two of the best know Broadway hits, "My Fair Lady" and "The Music Man", shows what can happen when you catch the wrong cab--the "taxi from Hell!"


ID Theft Prevention

Advice from Hazel Heckers, the Victims Advocate for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, on simple methods to help prevent ID theft.