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Playing the Action

Theatre on Mondays
ToM Talks: Playing the Action
Professional actor and director Steve Carver hates bad theatre.  He tells us all how to avoid it as performers, and get something done every time we make an entrance.

The sentiment of disliking or hating bad theatre is quite common among both audiences and those involved in the performing arts. Bad theatre can refer to performances that suffer from various issues, such as poor acting, weak direction, lackluster storytelling, technical flaws, or a failure to connect with the audience.

Here are some reasons why people might "hate" bad theatre:

  1. Wasted Time and Money: Attending a bad theatre production can leave audience members feeling like their time and money were poorly spent.
  2. Missed Potential: If a production has an interesting premise or source material but fails to deliver on its potential, it can be frustrating for the audience.
  3. Lack of Emotional Impact: Theatre is meant to evoke emotions and engage the audience. Bad theatre may fail to elicit the intended emotional response, leaving the audience disconnected and disappointed.
  4. Unprofessionalism: For those involved in the performing arts or with a deep appreciation for the craft, witnessing a poorly executed production can be disheartening, especially if it appears unprofessional or careless.
  5. Disrespect for the Art Form: Some people may feel that bad theatre represents a lack of respect for the art form and the audience, who come with the expectation of being entertained or moved.
  6. Contrast to Great Theatre: Having experienced excellent theatre productions, bad theatre can serve as a stark contrast, making its flaws more apparent and frustrating.
  7. Missed Opportunities for Growth: In community or amateur theatre, some individuals may feel that bad productions represent missed opportunities for personal and artistic growth for the performers and the creative team.

It is important to note that not every production will resonate with everyone, and opinions on what constitutes "bad theatre" can vary significantly. Art, including theatre, is subjective, and what one person considers bad, another may find enjoyable.

It is also essential to recognize that artists, including actors, directors, and technicians, often learn from both successful and unsuccessful productions. Constructive feedback and critique can help improve future performances and contribute to the growth of the performing arts community as a whole.
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