All videos have been uploaded to YouTube in High Resolution (1080), so will work perfectly if you go to the full screen option when viewing.

The studio is very active in production, releasing shows like "Actors Take", "What a Director Needs", Rational Alchemy ....

You will also find video's that have been shot away from the studios.


Hosted by Nigel Aves, these videos will cover unlimited topics from fishing to health and topics that solicits skeptical inquiry and responses. Rational Alchemy was conceived as a talk show on KRFC 88.9 Fort Collins. The program was live from the KRFC studios and streamed from their web site. Topics included religion, acupuncture, homeopathic, inoculations   (Wakefield studies), various “machines” for health benefits, UFOs, aliens,  and moon landings. The new Rational Alchemy will explore these topics and other diverse themes of community interest.

Rational Alchemy: Jessica Hartung

Rational Alchemy. Hosted by Nigel Aves with Guest Jessica Hartung.

Rational Alchemy brings you a behind-the-pages look at author Jessica Hartung's new book, The Conscious Professional, a way to transform your life at work and attain greater job satisfaction, skills improvement, and success!


Rational Alchemy: Aurora Red shoot and interview

Rational Alchemy. Hosted by Nigel Aves with Guest Aurora Red.

Aurora Red is a travelling model who goes from city to city advertising her talents as a model. This is a tough life on the road, and Aurora explains how she copes, her expectations, and how she organizes this will travelling.

Aurora also explains her back grounds, how she got into modeling in the first place, and the amount of "training / background" she did before making this giant step one year ago (from date of video upload).

Aurora is also a dancer, and this sets her aside from many models. She can use her flexibility to achieve stunning photography.

Web Site: Aurora Red Art Model

Find Aurora on Instagram: @ArtModelHannah
Find Nigel on Instagram: @nigelaves


Rational Alchemy: Laci Hageman shoot and interview

Rational Alchemy. Hosted by Nigel Aves with Guest Laci Hageman.

One thing is certain about Laci, when she was born every gene in her body was flooded by performance art.

Laci has accomplished: video/live modeling, dancer in night clubs, she's a fire spinner, a hula hoop dancer and a model. But circus acts are her main driving force, and soon she is going to be learning trapeze and aerial acrobatics while hanging from fabric.

Laci also talks about the 8 years where she sadly was forced into a hiatus.

Putting this together was a challenge, as we started off doing a photo-shoot right in the lounge, then progressed to our round table talk.

Hope you enjoy this very different Rational Alchemy.

Find Laci on Instagram: @Lj_spins
Find Nigel on Instagram: @nigelaves


Rational Greenings From Colorado with Maurae

Nigel Aves talks with Maurae.

Maurae is the host to a series of video's you can can find on Youtube, or visit our web site

Maurae is one of Denver’s most clever up and coming comedians. As a single mother and sarcastic individual, her humor derives from every day life. Irrepressible honesty is her trademark. Because of TBIs, Maurae suffers chronic migraines, hence her extensive experience with God’s favorite plant