You might be wondering why a web series not actually produced or filmed by Captn's Lounge Studio is here, nestling comfortably in our web site. Simple really. Alex Aves is my daughter!


Swing follows a one year journey of four couples after they decide to do a key exchange.

Swing sigue a cuatro parejas durante un año después de que deciden hacer un intercambio de parejas.

Created by:  Alex Aves, Salim Aliaga, Christina Blum, Kelly O'Malley





Austin Iredale

Christina Blum

Victor Trevino

Alex Aves

Kelly O'Malley

Corey Jantzen

Maia Nikiphoroff

Salim Aliaga

Executive Producers

Kelly O'Malley

Alex Aves

Nigel Aves


Associate Producer

Wai Lum Weise  


Co-Produced by

Salim Aliaga

Christina Blum

Montana Roesch

Written by:

Alex Aves



Directed by:

Blake Lewis







Nine months after Theo's "brilliant" idea, in which Andy moves in and Erin moves out.

Nueve meses después de la "brillante" idea de Theo, en el que Andy se muda y Erin se va.


Nine months after Theo's "brilliant" idea, in which Elliot drops off Tom Hanks and Jorge makes his own proposal.

Nueve meses después de la "brillante" idea de Theo, en el que Elliot deja a Tom Hanks y Jorge hace su propia propuesta.


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