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The studio is very active in production, releasing shows like "Actors Take", "What a Director Needs", "Rational Alchemy" ....

You will also find video's that have been shot away from the studios.


Hosted by Greg Winkler. This round-table discussion invites active theater directors to give advice, tips and “insider” knowledge to help actors get the best possible experience from the community theatre in which they are involved. All details from the  directors requirements for excellent theater will be covered. The  discussions are aimed at both the beginning to experience actor  who wishes to hone their artistic theatrical skills.  Every aspect of creating a show, from the audition to strike, the technical side of theatre, and even the business side of running a theatre company, will be covered.

Director Needs: The Musical

Four experienced directors talk about the purpose of the initial read-through of the play before rehearsal starts, and the different ways they each handle blocking the physical action.


Director Needs: The Audition

Four seasoned directors give actors the inside story on what they're looking for when they hold an audition.  If you want to maximize your chances of getting cast in the show, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS!!